Language is what we use to communicate with each other. But it is so much more.

Language affects every aspect of our lives. For children, it is the basis for all areas of development: social skills, making friends, cognitive development, academics, problem solving, understanding emotions, and the development of personality and identity. For adults, it influences our social relationships, how we are perceived in society, the ability to obtain a job, success in our careers, our confidence and self-esteem.

Wonderwords is here to help you find the right building blocks for your life.



Wonderwords Speech and Language Services is a private practice offering consultation, evaluations and therapy throughout Greater Vancouver. As a registered Speech-Language Pathologist, I work with children of all ages with a variety of communication difficulties. I also work with adults in the areas of speech, stuttering and accent reduction.

Wonderwords is dedicated to providing caring, individualized, and family-centered services, that are also lots of fun!